RC Plumbing Inc Water Treatment System

Why it’s so important to treat your water system

  • A hard water supply can destroy your plumbing fixtures, piping, and general health.
  • Untreated water contains lots of minerals. Among them are magnesium, calcium, and iron. These minerals make the water hard causing build up of scale, calcium, and rust. This will destroy fixtures, water heaters, valves and so on.
  • These minerals will also prevent soap from washing your clothes, hair, dishes, and skin properly

RC Plumbing offers a full water treatment system. We can install full house water filters, and softeners that are sized to your homes specific needs.

Our technicians will give you a free water test to check for hardness, iron, calcium, total dissolved solids.

Once it’s been determined the exact size softener system, our technicians will install the system in a professional manner according to all state codes.

Other Water Treatment Services

Other Water Treatment Services

  • Arsenic Reduction point of use systems
  • Our full yearly softener service (This programs increases the life of the labor warranty)
  • Full installation of a water treatment system
  • Quarterly visits for salt fill ups to the brine tank
  • Bi-Annual visit for filter replacements
  • Annual water softener inspection

View of a dielectric union on for a water heater. Unit was only installed a couple years ago. The union on the right shows what it should look like. This water heater was completely blocked from sediment from the hardness of the water

Example of a laundry faucet installed for only a year with no water treatment. Complete corrosion.

Typical retro fit from an old system to a new system installed by RC Plumbing. Includes a full house sediment filter, brine tank, and set up.