Why Use RC Plumbing for your Water Heater Service Provider?

  • Over Twenty years’ experience
  • Preferred Vendor of the Bradford White Water Heater
  • Proven quality workmanship
  • 3 years’ labor warranty on every water heater installed
  • 6-year standard manufacture warranty

It is the goal of RC Plumbing Inc to be your lifetime plumbing company. Therefore, we will always take the extra step to insure every job is done completely and accurately. We know there may be many good plumbing companies in the area, but when it comes to your water heater you want to make sure it is truly done right.

Today’s water heaters are more advanced than ever. They are also more efficient. So it is important to not just look at the water heater, but also the venting, the gas piping, the water piping, and the water condition. Most manufactures recommend the use of thermal expansion tanks now on residential houses where the water source is blocked for back flow reasons. RC Plumbing will review the entire installation to make sure you get the best results for your investment.

RC Plumbing proudly installs Bradford White water heaters. Made in the USA, also produced right here in Michigan. Bradford White is truly the industry leader in technology and quality in their units. Call us today for water heater repair and installation services in Grand Blanc and Fenton, MI

Regular Vent

Regular Vent

Power Vent

Power Vent

There are also many options we can install with the water heater

  • Water Heater Pan – to stop potential damage in case of a leak
  • Thermal expansion tank – When the water heater heats up and cools down it creates pressure on the plumbing system. Sometimes this pressure can be very powerful and cause damage to the water heater or other plumbing fixtures.
  • Leak alarms – in the event there is a leak in the tank the alarm will sound to let you know immediately.
  • Mixing Valves – We can recirculate hot water back into the tank which will help with the efficiency of the unit
  • Circulating pump – Saves money by installing a pump on the unit that we can recirculate the water so that you can get instant hot water to the farthest fixture from the house. Saving money in energy cost by not wasting gallons of water.

RC Plumbing also offers a yearly checkup of the water heater. This includes a complete flushing of the tank, inspection of the burner plate (and cleaning of the burner chamber, and plate if necessary), inspection of the relief valve and the anode rod.

We will install a clean, thorough, professional water heater that is designed for years of great service.

A couple of our latest installs.

Water Heater Installation Fenton, MI
Water Heater Installation Fenton, MI