RC Plumbing’s Customer Service Plan

Join the RC Plumbing’s Home Plumbing Service Plan and receive peace of mind of your homes plumbing condition. Service includes:

Annual Plumbing Inspection of your homes pipes, drains, fixtures, valves and plumbing system

  • Record all fixtures
  • Inspect for corrosion, leaks, back pitch, in-correct plumbing installs, toilet guts, drips, water temps, sump pump.

  • 50% Discount off service fee
  • 5% off on Service flat rate repairs
  • Top priority for Service
  • Quarterly Install specials
  • Water Heaters
  • Softeners
  • Faucets
  • Sump Pumps

Along with your annual home inspection we will also at the same time do a complete water heater inspection. Normally $369 your price is $249.

  • Drain down and flush water heater
  • Inspect Relief Valve
  • Pull Anode rod out of unit and inspect
  • Inspect burner assembly and clean if necessary
  • Check for proper venting
  • Check for proper piping, valves, and install

RC Plumbing Inc is committed to be your lifelong plumber. This is our way to earn your trust, and peace of mind along with huge savings.

  • $15 dollars a month
  • No contract
  • Home walk through, discounts, quarterly specials and top priority for service all included