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When it comes to plumbing, we usually think about calling for help when issues come up: the water heater is leaking, toilet won’t stop, any number of untold stories can happen with plumbing. Then the research begins– who do we want to use? What was the name of the last guy? Did we like him? Will he be respectful of my home? Will he charge me an arm and leg for something my husband could do? Believe us, we know. With over 11 years in business, RC Plumbing has grown to dominate Mid-Michigan’s plumbing scene for a reason: we’ve earned the homeowner’s business one home at a time. If you have a home in the Fenton, Grand Blanc and Goodrich, MI area give us a call today!

Some of our services include:

Tank and Tankless Water Heater Installations
Watering Softening Systems
Sump Pumps
Toilet Repairs
Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Plumb Perfect Every Time

Fenton, Grand Blanc & Goodrich, MI

While we are quick and efficient on the job, we also see value and taking a holistic approach to what’s causing the problem, and ensuring that it won’t happen again when we leave. Unique to our business, we offer annual home inspections in our Home Protection Plan for homeowners in the Fenton, Grand Blanc and Goodrich, MI and surrounding areas. It matters that your plumber knows your home before pesky emergencies strike.
So imagine your water heater starts to leak. You don’t think twice – on your fridge is an RC Plumbing magnet from your free home inspection. You know that RC Plumbing has seen that water heater before and they understand everything about your unit. You quickly give Bob of RC Plumbing a call and he gets a technician out there right away. RC Plumbing, just plumb perfect every time.

New Construction For Residential and Commercial

At RC Plumbing, we don't just repair your leaky faucet. We do full plumbing installations in new home or business constructions. That includes not only piping and water heater installs but also bathroom and kitchen fixture installations and garbage disposals. We are fully licensed and offer a 3 year guarantee labor warranty. We are passionate about the Grand Blanc and Fenton, MI community and want to be a staple in helping it grow.

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